Why Can My Air Conditioner Consistently Run?

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It is summertime, and you have discovered your AC never quits operating.

Should you be worried?

Here is what: It is normal for the AC to operate continuously during warm summer months.

You see, on exceptionally hot days–we are talkin’ high 90s to 100s–your machine should keep up with the incoming warmth. To do so, it is going to run longer as a way to keep a continuous, desirable temperature in your property.

But if your AC is running but you are never comfortable, that is a clear indication of an issue that has to be fixed.

Listed below are 4 common causes of an AC that runs rather than produces.

Your system demands a specific quantity of airflow to cool your house. If the airflow is blocked or restricted at all, your own body works harder and operates more.

Signal of the difficulty :

Things to perform :

If your interior device’s evaporator coil is filthy it makes it hard for refrigerant (or even”Freon”) to absorb warmth out of the atmosphere.

The same holds for dirt buildup within an external unit’s condenser coils.

Fundamentally, both difficulties will cause the body to operate continuously as it is fighting to eliminate heat from your property.

Indicators of the difficulty :

  • Air from vents is hot or not trendy enough to attain desirable temp
  • Dirt is observable on external unit/inside coils

Things to perform :

  • Clean the exterior unit. Or have a trustworthy professional do it within a regular maintenance program. You’re going to require a professional to clean out the interior unit’s coils anyhow.

If your system is low on refrigerant, it is going to fight to make it to the temperature atmosphere, causing it to operate continuously.

Indicators of the difficulty :

Things to perform :

You want an expert to look at your system refrigerant degree. When it’s low, be sure that they find and repair the leak (because the flow is a reason you eliminate refrigerant), then add.

Read more about refrigerant leaks.

An undersized AC is similar to”The Little Engine That Could” but can not. It is going to always run but the machine is only too little to satisfy your home’s cooling requirements. You can also check out air conditioning repair westlake oh

Indicators of the difficulty :

Airflow from vents is ordinary however home never reaches desirable temp on warm days
Frozen evaporator coil (cooling coil at the inside device ) because of reduced pressure within the unit

Things to perform:

Possessing an expert air-conditioning contractor to execute a heating load calculation on your house to know what dimensions (measured in tons) your house requirements. If you suspect that is the problem you are going to want to repair it quickly to stop expensive repairs along with your compressor as a result of frozen coils and continuous wear and tear out of your system working overly hard.

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