5 Simple Things Anyone Can Sell Online

Often when people want to get started online, they overcomplicate what they want to sell.

There are so many options out there, and most of them sound pretty confusing, especially for a beginner. So, today I wanted to show you 5 things that you can sell. In fact, anybody can sell these things.  

You can then choose one of these and start selling it online. If you do want to start selling anything online check out the Kartra 30 day trial. 

1. Advice

If you have an area in which you specialize and are at an advanced level, people would love your advice. People would love it so much that they would actually even pay for it, so why don’t you start?

It can be in anything, it doesn’t necessarily have to be in something like health or wealth, for example, you can teach people how to play chess. Many people would love to be able play chess. You can literally apply this to anything.

Do you know about boats? Maybe offer a boat consultation service before people buy boats. 

2. Physical Items

There are many ways you could start selling physical products.

You could do a Gary Vee and start flipping or you could start dropshipping.

Or, you could make your own items and sell them on Etsy. The point is, there are many ways to get started with selling on Physical products. You can even market your items on places like Instagram for free and not use paid ads until you are earning some money. 

3. Courses

This is pretty similar to selling advice, it’s just packaged into a course with some videos.

People sell tons and tons of online courses and you can too. Just make sure you actually know what you are talking about when you create a course. Otherwise, your customers may get annoyed and it’s not exactly ethical making someone pay for information which you don’t know whether it’s good or not. 

Also, your first course will probably not be the greatest, but that’s normal. You get better with time. 

4. E-books

Similar to the courses, you can also sell E-books.

You can publish them on places like Amazon, but also market them yourself. It can be on any topic you want, but if you want to make money, there should be at least some interest in the topic.

Once, you have written your high-quality book, you only need to market it.

Well, I say only, but that’s always the hard part for a beginner. Still, you can market it for free on social media and learn how to optimize it on marketplaces like Amazon. Plus, you could always give it away for free in the beginning to get some feedback, as well as some affiliates who sell the book for you. 

5. Time

Lastly, we have time.

People value their time and love to buy things that save them time. Like what?

  • Social media management
  • Article writing
  • Virtual Assistant Jobs

There are tons and tons of things that you can sell which will save somebody else time. If somebody else’s time is saved, then they will pay you for it.

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